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Occupancy Management

Managing occupants can be tough. Here at Arthur we have developed a number of helpful tools and integrations to make the process as seamless as possible, from start to end.


Printing and signing tenancy contracts can be time-consuming. Arthur’s integration with Signable means your documents can be signed quickly and easily online. Rather than e-mailing or posting contracts to each signatory, Signable stores all documents in one convenient place which can be accessed via web links. You can also track progress and send reminders where necessary.

Before Arthur we had to go to the property to get the contracts signed.

Richard Purseglove Owner, Purseglove Property

With Signable, everything can be completed remotely, and all records are stored securely in Arthur, which has really helped with disputes.

Key Benefits

Save time, save money and boost efficiency with Signable

Speed up the process

Avoid postal delays and costs

Track progress

See who’s signed and who hasn’t

Anywhere, anytime

Occupants can sign from anywhere, on any device

Fully compliant

Adheres to the latest electronic signature laws

Go paperless

Save money, time and the planet!

Occupants statements

Effectively communicating with occupants is key to running a successful rental business. Keeping occupants up-to-date about upcoming rents and other related outgoings gives them time to plan, so there’ll be no surprises. Arthur's comprehensive tenancy statement allows you to stay on top of rents with automated reminders. It also lets occupants see historic transactions and other charges they may have incurred.

Our incidents of late rent payments have decreased dramatically since we started using Arthur, and we spend far less time chasing occupants.

John Rose Director, Rooms in Kent

When an invoice is generated in Arthur, our occupants can see it on their statement, and there are automated events to remind them when to pay.


Leverage Arthur’s fully flexible automation feature to automate company processes. When an event occurs, you can set Arthur to respond in one of several ways, including sending a reminder, setting up a task or a combination. This powerful feature saves countless hours and virtually eliminates the chance of issues arising due to human error.