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Workflow Management Software for Property Managers

Contractors can use our dedicated contractor app to give you progress updates, report issues with photos and accept or reject tasks.
This means you can quickly resolve issues and make the most cost effective decisions.

Our new Fixflo integration

Our integration with Fixflo allows your tenants to report issues using the Fixflo reporting tool within the Arthur tenant app and portal. Issues reported using the Fixflo issue reporting tool are accurately posted to Arthur as tasks along with any relevant documentation and media files related to the issue, for progressing through the Arthur workflow.

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Get the job done

Assign jobs for now or schedule jobs for a later date, with Arthur’s platform and apps, you can manage any number of work orders with any number of stakeholders at the same time; no project is too large to handle.

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Arthur enabled us to organise our work orders with tags and due dates.

Norman Wint Senior Accountant, Apax Support

As soon as an issue is raised, we can monitor progress and automatically keep the relevant people up to date.

Key Benefits

Identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently, at the best price

Boost efficiency

Identify, resolve and track maintenance issues quickly and effectively

Instant reporting

Occupants can raise issues via the Occupant App, saving time spent on calls and emails

Get the best deal

Request quotes from multiple contractors to get the best value

Track your jobs

Occupants can raise issues using Arthur’s Occupant App. The app lets occupants add a description of the issue and attach useful photographs, so you can deal with the issues effectively. The app also lets occupants check issue status and progress, so they don’t need to contact you directly.

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