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Landlord Software

  • Signable
  • Zoopla
  • Fixflo
  • Rightmove
  • Xero
  • On The Market
  • TransUnion
  • Zapier
  • Advanced Tenant Referencing

Managing your own portfolio can be tough

Maintenance issues, late rents, finding occupants, tax filings…
Managing each stage across the tenancy journey without clear processes in place can lead to increases in human error, greater chances of time-consuming disputes and important tasks being missed.

Eliminate inefficiency with one comprehensive, centralised system specifically designed to help you streamline and save valuable time and money.

Finding Occupants & Onboarding

  • Find occupants easily with one-click vacancy posting to Zoopla, OnTheMarket, RightMove and Boomin
  • Speed up the onboarding process by allowing potential occupants to easily apply online with bespoke forms
  • Manage viewings with our intuitive scheduler
  • Tenant referencing and credit checks with Advanced Tenant Referencing, TransUnion and Homeppl


  • Communicate with your tenants seamlessly via dedicated apps, email and text
  • Store all vital documents securely in the cloud and access them easily for maximum convenience
  • Send alerts and reminders to your occupants
  • Search well-organised audit trails of all communication to minimise time spent on disputes

Financial Management

  • Manage any rent schedule with a flexible payment module
  • Send automated rent reminders via the Occupant App to minimise arrears
  • Reconcile rent payments with invoices and manage all financial information via integrations with Xero
  • Benefit from having a fully integrated live bank feed within the software

Daily Management

  • Use the automated events feature to keep everything up to date
  • Handle all issues, communicate with all stakeholders and easily access vital documents in one place
  • Decrease void periods with better tenant and property management
  • Manage multiple portfolios with designated access and permissions functionality should you have numerous property managers
  • Scheduling tasks for a future date to ensure efficient management

Deposits & Compliance

  • Store deposit registration information and share relevant documents with your occupants
  • Handle deductions and returns
  • Keep track of registered deposit amounts
  • Stay on top of changing regulations with fully compliant software updates

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Tenants can easily report issues with their own Occupant App
  • Pass work orders on to contractors and keep track of work progress with the Contractor App
  • Automated workflows and processes to minimise the risk of human error
  • Integration with Fixflo allows you to reduce your response times and increase tenant satisfaction
  • Create automatic responses to common tenant issues to save valuable time