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Rogue Landlords in the UK: A Guide for Letting Agents

Industry Insight, Property News September 27th, 2023
Rogue Landlords in the UK: A Guide for Letting Agents

As a letting agent, rogue landlords can be a nightmare scenario. But never fear – read on for tips on spotting the red flags and stopping landlords on the wrong side of ethics and the law. Let’s work together to clean up the rental market one property at a time.

What are rogue landlords?

Rogue landlords are property owners who persistently engage in unethical or unlawful practices in the realm of property management. Their behaviours typically encompass neglecting property maintenance, dismissing tenant grievances, conducting improper tenant evictions, and failing to carry out necessary repairs. They may also employ unethical strategies, such as imposing exorbitant fees and engaging in harassment.

Associating with rogue landlords can be disastrous for letting agents’ careers. It can result in tarnished reputations, client attrition, and even legal repercussions because of involvement in unlawful activities. It’s imperative for agents to exercise discernment when selecting landlords to collaborate with.

Protecting your agency from rogue landlords

Letting agents are bound by a set of legal and ethical obligations. These include compliance with housing regulations, the maintenance of habitable living conditions, and transparent business dealings. Vigilance in overseeing private landlords through meticulous screening, proactive management, and diligent reporting is absolutely necessary in averting potential pitfalls.

Screening prospective landlords

Efficiently screening potential landlord partners during recruitment proceedings diminishes the likelihood of entering into agreements with problematic individuals. Landlords displaying reluctance to undertake necessary property repairs, resisting property inspections, or exhibiting combative behaviour are all indicators of being problematic partners. 

Landlord screening can involve thorough reference and background checks, including a diligent assessment of their rental history. Remember, the prevention of complications at the outset is often far more prudent than addressing them later.

And remember: it’s always possible for a once good landlord to drop their standards and go rogue. Keep an open line to tenants so that you know as soon as a situation starts going south. Learn how you can build a great relationship with tenants here.


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