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Why accountants recommend Arthur

Arthur puts all property-related financial transactions in one place including rents, contractor invoices, payments, agency fees, portal fees, and owners income. No more separate records that need to be linked, managed, compared and reconciled to produce accounts for property clients.

Arthur integrates with Xero's accounting software to sync transactions for up to date reporting and reconciliation. This makes it easy to see which properties and units are profitable, and any costs associated with them. Calculation of income from property, with all financial information in one place, property accounting just got easier

What you get with Arthur


Reconciliation and compiling accounts on property financial matters gets much easier, simpler, and quicker.


Replace lots of admin and spreadsheets into one software that’s effortlessly recording all financial details.

Add Value To Clients

Add value to your clients by recommending a software that simplifies their business systems and admin.


Gain full transparency over all property related financial and operational matters in one simple system.


Reporting on financial matters in real time becomes quick and easy meaning the margin for human error is vastly reduced.


The integration with Xero enables you to build a network of interconnected apps (eg. GoCardless)

How Arthur helps with property management financials

  • Tracks rent payments easily by unit
  • Provides one place to reconcile all payments received
  • Automates late rent demands
  • Sets up recurring rent charges
  • Tracks and records deposit payments and refunds
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How Arthur Works with accounting software

for all charges regarding a client’s property portfolio. Receipts can be allocated, automatic rent reconciliation completed and property balance sheets created. Plus, any non-property related charges that are still related to the business (admin costs, etc.) can be added into Xero. Any updates in the accounting software are also reflected in Arthur.