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Accreditation Training

Become an accredited Arthur virtual manager or accountant through face-to-face or remote training with our experienced team.

Group Classroom Accreditation

from £150 + VAT. 9.30am - 4.30pm inc. two 15 minute breaks, an hour for lunch and time set aside for the assessment

  • Wednesday 5th October
  • Future Dates TBC
  • Future Dates TBC
  • Bespoke Classroom Accreditation

  • From £350+ VAT. We will agree on a mutually convenient date and time. 4 hours inc. 15 minute break.

  • Bespoke On-Site Accreditation Training

  • From £750+VAT. We come to you and spend an entire day training you and your team

Accountant and Bookkeeper Accreditation

Perfect for Xero accredited accountants or bookkeepers

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Software Integration


Virtual Manager Training

Perfect for Virtual Management Companies

Business Setup

Arthur Functonality

Tips and Tricks