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Financials & Reporting

Arthur is the only property management platform that's fully integrated with Xero, has a live bank feed and simplifies reconciliation via our brand new ArthurPay integration.

This powerful combination makes managing your finances simple and easy and will give you the confidence to grow your business to any size.

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Accounting package integration

Future proof your business via our cloud based integrations. Xero is a global leader in online accounting software. Via Arthur’s seamless integration, you can reconcile rental transactions and expenses with the click of a button. Financial information can be instantly synchronised, eliminating errors caused by multiple entries, saving you time while creating the most accurate overview of your financial status and performance.

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We can now conduct property management within Arthur and manage our financials with Xero.

Josh Keegan CEO, Zest Properties

The two platforms communicate in a streamlined and efficient way, making management so much simpler.

Fully integrated live bank feed

Streamline your accounting and manage your portfolio finances more efficiently with our fully integrated live bank feed. Easily reconcile your accounts and produce essential accounting reports where you conduct the rest of your property management. Having full visibility of your key business data in one place not only improves efficiency but also reduces the risk of human error.

Key Benefits

Manage your finances efficiently

Real-time reporting

Get cash flow updates in real-time

Automate proceses

Automatic transaction matching and reconciliation

Streamline workflow

Manage the most complex of financial structures

Customisable Reports

All the information you need is in one place. You can create a report using any data on the system, including:

  • Applicants
  • Payments
  • Aged occupant balances
  • Management fees
  • Overdue transactions
  • Predicted monthly income
  • Occupancy rates
  • Market rent analysis
  • And much more!

Further Benefits

Analyse data

Compare performance across properties portfolio

Full transparency

Share results with your property owners

End-to-end solution

All the data you need in one place