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1. Why do We have a Fair Usage Policy?

1.1 As part of our commitment to providing excellent quality and reliable service to all our users, Arthur Online has a Fair Usage Policy that governs its Support Services. The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) contains usage guidelines for customers using the Arthur Online Support services to ensure that customers use the service reasonably and are aware of any additional support charges they may become subject to.

2. Support versus Training

2.1 Very often customers confuse supports services with training services, therefore we have provided the general definitions used by Arthur Online.
2.1.1 Support is defined helping a customer to make correct use of a product or aid in resolving an issue with the product.
2.1.2 Training is defined as teaching the customer how to use the product itself.
2.2 Whilst there is some overlap, these are the definitions Arthur Online will use to define whether your interaction is classed as support or training.

3. What are the FUP limits?

Support calls
3.1 Support calls are limited to a total of one hour per calendar month per account.
3.2 Where a client exceeds their allocated time limit, they may be refused support via telephone or required to pay an additional cost of £25+VAT per hour.
3.3 Support calls should not exceed 15 minutes, unless the support team member involved deems otherwise.
3.4 Any training given will form part of the allotted monthly training limit. Where the account has already used all allotted training time, the account will be charged at a rate of £45+VAT per hour.
3.5 Customers will not receive immediate support when they call our support centre.
3.5.1 When a customer calls for support, they will be asked to enter their request into Arthur Online’s live chat on the website.
3.5.2 Customers should not expect to receive support on the same day if they have requested a specific customer service agent without a scheduled booking.
3.6 Support calls are monitored by the Lead Customer Service Agent and collated in terms of time and support quality to ensure that all customers receive the best service possible.
3.7 In circumstances where extended support is required as a result of the customer not being adequately trained in using the system, the customer support agent will end the conversation in a timely manner and encourage the user to book a training session. Extended training will not be given ad-hoc on the phone without prior booking.

Shared screen sessions
3.8 Shared screen sessions can be booked in advance by a customer using the page
3.9 A customer may not have multiple shared screen sessions on the same day. This includes:
3.9.1 Individual sessions with different members of Arthur staff.
3.9.2 Individual sessions for different members of the customers staff.
3.10 Professional and Enterprise customers are entitled to 1 and 3 per month respectively as part of their subscription. Standard clients do not have any shared screen sessions included in their subscription.
3.11 Standard customers, and Professional and Enterprise customers who have used all their allocated sessions for that month but require more, are able to purchase shared screen sessions at a price of £45+VAT per session.
3.12 Shared screen sessions booked can be cancelled by Arthur for unforeseen reasons and clients will be asked to re-book.
3.13.1 Arthur will not be subject to any cost that the client has suffered as a result of a cancellation.

Live chat
3.14 Arthur Online’s live chat is available to customers on Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.
3.15 The rules outlining the monitoring of the live chat can be seen in Arthur Online’s SLA.
3.16 Customers should only open one chat at a time to converse with Arthur Online’s customer support agents.
3.17 Messages a customer sends via the live chat should be concise and give as much detail as possible.
3.18 There is no limit to the amount of questions a customer can ask via the live chat.
3.18.1 Where a customer asks multiple questions, either across one chat or multiple, they should expect the time We take to respond to increase.
3.18.2 Arthur Online reserves the right to prevent any customer from accessing the live chat if they have been deemed to abuse the chat, or use it excessively, regardless of the customers subscription.

Email support
3.19 The rules outlining the monitoring of support emails can be seen in Arthur Online’s SLA.
3.20 Email support is available by emailing
3.21 There is no limit to the amount of questions a customer can ask via email.
3.21.1 Where a customer asks multiple questions, either across one chat or multiple, they should expect their response time to increase.
3.21.2 Arthur Online reserves the right to prevent any customer from emailing and ‘’ email address if they have been deemed to abuse the service, or use it excessively, regardless of the customers subscription.

4. Customer Code of Conduct

4.1. When using any form of support, Customers must be respectful of Arthur Online’s customer service agents.
4.2. Arthur Online follows government guidelines regarding definitions of behaviour which will not be tolerated. This includes, but may not be limited to:
4.1.1 Threats of violence;
4.1.2 Sexism;
4.1.3 Racism;
4.1.4 Homophobia;
4.1.5 Intimidating language,
4.1.6 Refusal to be dealt with by any particular member of staff for any reason such as gender or ethnicity;
4.1.7 Foul and abusive language, including swearing;
4.1.8 Lewd or obscene language.
4.2 Arthur Online operates a zero tolerance policy in cases of abuse towards Our staff.
4.2.1 If a customer is found to be in breach of Our code of conduct, they will be given one (1) formal warning.
4.2.2 If abusive behaviour continues after the formal warning, Arthur Online will revoke all forms of customer service support the have an element of interaction with Our staff, for the entire account. Upon written request from the account owner, Arthur Online may re-invoke this right for other Authorised Users of the account but not the user deemed to have breached the code of conduct.
4.3 Arthur Online reserves the right to suspend or cancel an account that does not adhere to the Code of Conduct outlined in Section 4 of its Fair Usage Policy if no resolution can be found after a formal warning is provided to the Customer.

A .pdf copy of this document can be provided upon request