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Property Management

Our end-to-end solution provides you with all the tools you need to manage your properties and effortlessly switch between accounts at the click of a button.

Link Arthur to your favourite portals and websites allowing enquiries to come straight into Arthur.

Manually advertising properties on listing sites can be time-consuming, but with Arthur this can be done with just a few clicks. Arthur is seamlessly integrated with OnTheMarket, Zoopla, RightMove and StuRents, making the listing process simple and easy. Arthur sends stored property details to a major listing portal of your choice, as the information is already organised, the portal knows exactly how to present the listing. Everything is automated so your advert is created almost instantly.

The link Arthur has with the marketing portal is invaluable to us.

Jonathan Hirschfield Director, AH Field

We can now effectively manage the general day-to-day running of occupancies and monitor move-out dates to reduce voids.

Key Benefits

List your properties across multiple portals

  • List vacancies on your own website quickly and easily
  • Advertise on market leading property listing sites with a single click.
  • Vastly extend your pool of potential occupants

We’ve found the certificates section really helpful!

Stephanie Taylor Co-Founder, HMO Heaven

Setting our automated events to let us know before our certificates expire keeps us ahead of the game, particularly challenging when you manage 100 rental properties.

Property Types

From letting agencies to self-managing landlords, our cloud-based solution has in-built features which address the specific needs of your portfolio. Manage a whole property or individually manage rooms within a property. Arthur’s unique hierarchy allows for sharing data amongst tenants in a multi-tenant property, particularly useful for HMOs.