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Stakeholder Management

Manage your business from anywhere using Arthur’s suite of mobile apps.
Get instant access to your entire database to get more done quicker.

Seamlessly manage communication

The benefits of managing all stakeholders within one single platform

Whenever, wherever

Solve problems on-the-go to give your occupants and owners the best possible service

Clear communication

Communicate with your occupants, owners and contractors quickly and easily

Get the job done

Manage any number of work orders with any number of stakeholders at the same time

Occupant App

The online occupant portal and app lets your occupants handle everything, they can do things like:

  • View upcoming rents and other expenses
  • Download contract agreements
  • Raise maintenance requests
Property management CRM

My time on admin has halved

Clair Arnold Director, Elite Lettings

Calls from occupants have virtually disappeared, as occupants are able to log issues, check their AST's, etc. all on the app

Templated automated messages

Arthur’s centralised platform means you can send messages to individual occupants or batch messages to all the occupants in a specific property or to a group of occupants. These messages can be automated, so you only need to set them up once.

Key Benefits

Maintaining a clear and consistent flow of communication

Clear messaging

Send consistent and clear occupant notifications to ensure full transparency

Tailor messages

Tailor communications to each stakeholder to boost efficiency

Keep occupants informed

Keep occupants informed of key dates including occupancies coming to and end